Staff at Autotech and Transmissions LLC, auto and diesel repair in Bolingbrook,  IL

AutoTech is located in one of the oldest buildings in Bolingbrook, set back from one of the busiest corners in town, Route 53 and Boughton Road. We’ve been operating under the name “AutoTech” for about 16 years, taking the business from general mechanical repair and transmission rebuilding to an all-inclusive automotive repair and maintenance facility, adding vintage car repair, performance upgrades, and diesel truck repair to our roster of services.

Who You’ll Meet at AutoTech

  • Brian Brongiel - Owner
  • Dave Engelsen - Service Writer
  • Tom Kreiger - Technician
  • George Ponce - Technician

From the Owner, Brian Brongiel

"I began working on cars with my father and my uncle at a young age. Both of them had worked on cars their entire lives, and had a knack for it. As I approached driving age, my friends and I began to work on their Mustangs and Camaros, making them look and run better. I also began wiring aftermarket stereo systems after school to make some extra money.


"After high school, I went to college to study engineering. While I was still interested in cars, I only had only able to work on them on the weekends or during breaks. Once I graduated from college, I was hired into AT&T, which quickly split into Lucent Technologies after I came on board. I worked at Lucent for 11 years, learned a lot about computers and telephony, and earned my Master’s degree.


"As time progressed and the government endorsed “offshoring” of many American jobs, I decided corporate America was no long for me. I started an auto body shop with a good friend. After two years and much success, we decided to part ways, and about six months later, my wife, Kelly, and I purchased AutoTech.


"Although taking over the business was turn-key, we have steadily made AutoTech our own. Even during the economic downturn, we have continued to grow by taking time with our customers and treating every car like our mother’s. Our ultimate goal is to gain our customers’ respect and restore trust back into the automotive world."

Our Team